Two schoolfriends who lost touch for over 50 years have been reunited thanks to our investigations team.

John and Terry first met in 1941 at school in the Wirral, Merseyside, when they were five years old. They became close friends and spent all their time together, well into their teenage years, sharing an interest in speedway, motorbikes – and girls!

By 1961, John and Terry were both married and saw increasingly less of each other, eventually losing contact when John moved away and Terry joined the army. For many years, John wondered what had happened to his old friend and tried many times to locate him by visiting where they grew up, but without success.

John contacted A H Jones to ask for help. The only information we had to go on was Terry’s name and the area where he had lived many years before. After carrying out our investigations, we managed to source a name and phone number, located in the Wirral, which looked promising. John called the number and was delighted to discover it was indeed his long-lost friend Terry. After a long chat, the pair arranged to meet at a pub in the Wirral…55 years after they last saw each other.

John discovered that Terry had lived and worked in America for many years, only returning to England when he retired, while John had lived in Devon for the same time period. After spending several hours catching up, the next day the old friends visited all their old haunts, including their former school where they were shown around after explaining their story.

John says: “Since then Terry and I have met up several times and we are in regular contact once more. Thanks to A H Jones it was possible to find my old pal again after 55 years apart.

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