A H Jones Investigators remains open and fully operational

This situation serves to remind us that whilst Process Serving is perceived as a minor cog in the justice system, we nevertheless provide this vital component to ensure the judicial process continues to function effectively.

We are still operating from our office. Obviously, this situation is being reviewed daily and may change in the future. We can, if necessary, decamp from this base and work from home, without causing any major disruption to the efficient handling of your instructions.

We still have an operational capability to carry out Investigations, Discreet Enquiries, Process Serving, Statement Taking and Surveillance Assignments.

Under normal circumstances, we would welcome visitors. In view of the current situation, however, we would suggest that any visits are kept to an absolute minimum, and even then are only for urgent cases. Appropriate distances and location will be agreed in advance should a face-to-face meeting be unavoidable. Please do not attempt to visit us unless agreed beforehand and of course, for everyone’s safety, do not visit if you are showing any symptoms of coronavirus OR have been asked to self–isolate by a health professional.

Most of the work we are asked to undertake can be communicated to us via telephone, email, post or DX, therefore person-to-person meetings should not be necessary. All communications will continue to be answered in a timely manner.

We have a network of agents across the country who assist us in carrying out investigative work and process serving outside Devon. We are in daily contact with our agents and can confirm that nationwide coverage is still being maintained at present. Obviously, this may change as the virus situation worsens, but please be assured we do have contingency plans in place, should an agent no longer be fit for duty.

As far as International instructions are concerned, the situation is less clear; understandably so. We can only assess availability on a case-by-case basis as and when a need arises.

Can we help?

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