When the sun rose on 1 January 2020, none of us could have known how the year would turn out.

Social distancing, lockdown, stay safe; these words have entered our everyday speech as we have collectively tried to do our part.

The rise in fraudulent activity during the year has been more than a little worrying, as innocent victims are tricked into transferring their life’s savings into bank accounts operated by fraudsters. Indeed, the increase of scams, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, led to the launch of a national campaign called ‘Stop the Scams’ to help the public spot signs of fraud.

Sadly, domestic abuse cases increased by around 25% during the first lockdown. At one point, the domestic abuse charity, Refuge, reported a 700% increase in calls to its helpline in a single day. Refuge said it was ‘very concerned’ by the continuing upward trend in demand for its service in the second lockdown and, as such, has launched its #iSeeYou campaign.

For AH Jones Investigators, we have continued delivering our support services to the legal profession while they have continued delivering their services to their clients. We have continued with the serving of papers up and down the country, as well as information gathering and tracing missing people, and more, on behalf of our clients.

Like most, we hope that 2021 is a year of recovery and moving forward in terms of the health of the nation, indeed, the world. As for us, we hope the introduction of campaigns, such as ‘Stop the Scams’ and ‘iSeeYou’ continues and delivers a real impact for victims of crime.

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