‘John’ is behaving differently. Typically, he is chatty, he plays with the kids and he talks openly with ‘Mary’, his wife of 6 years. But for months now, John has been absent, even when he’s home.

Mary sees him, with his brow furrowed, on his phone and when he spots her, he gives her a quick, half-smile before locking his phone’s screen and stuffing it into his pocket. She asks if everything is ok, but he either gets defensive or simply grunts.

Everyone in the family is walking on eggshells around John as his mood swings from mildly disengaged to rage.

With the sense that her marriage is falling apart, Mary engages the services of a private investigative company.

“I think he’s having an affair,” Mary tells the lead private investigator. “I need to know for sure before I take actions that will tear my family in two.”

The private investigators carry out covert surveillance of John’s movements over a few weeks: where he goes when he leaves home, who he meets and various other forms of information gathering.

Mary’s anxieties are laid to rest as the private investigator reassures her that John is not having an extra-marital affair.

“So, what’s going on?” asks Mary, after the initial relief subsides.

The short answer is that John is being blackmailed by his business partner, who is demanding John and Mary’s savings. He has no hold over John, except for the threats to harm his family if he doesn’t comply or tells someone.

John has been trying to protect his family by paying his business partner a small sum, but his partner is not satisfied and the threats have become more intense.

Under the advisement of the private investigative company, Mary has an open and frank conversation with John. Relieved, yet scared, John agrees to follow the PI’s advice to take their evidence to the police and to employ the services of a solicitor to arrange an injunction to protect against personal harm.

The injunction is granted and a court case proceeds, where the key evidence provided by private investigative company results in a positive outcome. Importantly, John, Mary and their children are safe.

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