Covert surveillance is the gathering of intelligence which can then be used in court proceedings, for example.

The primary role of private investigative company, such as A H Jones Investigators, is to gather and relay information.

Depending on the type of information needed by a client, we will from time to time recommend Covert Surveillance as the best option to provide the information or evidence that is required.

Covert surveillance may be used for several reasons, including: matrimonial issues, suspected fraud, employee violations in the workplace, theft, relationship concerns, neighbour disputes, insurance claims and business espionage, and more.

Covert surveillance can be carried out remotely, on foot, or mobile, depending on circumstances. Often, it is a combination of these methods.

Once information is gathered, it can be used as evidence to help clients make fully informed decisions on the best course of actions that they could take.

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Our network of intelligence officers work across the UK. To find out more, visit our Covert Surveillance page.

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