When a road traffic incident occurs, it is important to determine the cause of an incident, how injuries were caused, who was at fault, and any contributing factors.

Specialist investigators, such as A H Jones Investigators, gather all evidence from such incidents and produce a Locus Report.

So, what can you expect from a Locus Report?

Every road traffic incident is different and so, therefore, is the investigation. Some incidents are simple and clear, but often they are complex and can be time-consuming.

Investigators work to establish the sequence of events leading up to the incident, identify contributing factors, and determine liability.

When an investigator arrives at the scene of the incident, they document the area and collect evidence. This may include photographs of the vehicles involved, skid marks on the road, debris, witness statements, and police reports.

The investigator will examine the vehicles involved to identify any mechanical issues that may have contributed to the incident. If necessary, a mechanic may be required to verify the investigators’ findings. Indeed, the investigator may need to consult with experts in fields including engineering, human factors, and medicine to fully understand the circumstances and potential influences surrounding the incident.

The investigator may reconstruct the incident using computer simulations, or similar, and consider the actions of all involved parties.

Environmental factors, such as weather conditions, road design, traffic patterns, are also considered as part of the investigation.

Once all the evidence has been analysed, the investigator will prepare a Locus report detailing their findings. The report may be used to determine liability and may be presented in court if necessary. The report may also include recommendations that local authorities could adopt to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Can we help?

At A H Jones Investigators, we work on behalf of insurers and solicitors to gather evidence from road traffic incidents and write a Locus report.

Please contact us on 01392 278612 to discuss your Locus Report requirements.

We will give you a no-obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, we will instruct a local specialist investigator to begin the work.