Pre-employment checks are a crucial part of the recruitment process aimed at helping employers verify the information provided by candidates, assess their suitability for the role, and mitigate the risks of hiring the wrong person.

A professional investigative agency, such as A H Jones Investigators, has the skills and knowledge needed to access and analyse a wide range of information sources. Investigators are bound by a strict code of ethics and professional standards that require them to maintain the privacy of their clients and the individuals they investigate.

Some of the most common pre-employment checks a professional investigator will carry out include:

Identity verification

The candidate’s identity will be verified by examining government-issued identification documents and conducting background checks.

Education verification

The educational background of a candidate can be verified by contacting the institutions the candidate has included within their application, and by examining academic records.

Employment history checks

A candidate’s employment history can be verified by conducting interviews with former employers, checking of references, and reviewing employment records.

Credit checks

Where relevant, credit checks can also be conducted to assess a candidate’s financial history and determine if they have a history of financial problems.

Criminal record checks

A professional investigator can assist the process of obtaining a DBS certificate to determine if a candidate has a criminal history that may be relevant to the role.

Social media checks

Finally, a review of a candidate’s social media profiles can be carried out to assess their behaviour, personal qualities, and interests.

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