Litigation support involves the use of technology and specialised services to provide solicitors with the information and resources they need to build a strong case and achieve a successful outcome in court.

From document management and e-discovery to forensic account and expert witness testimony, litigation support helps solicitors manage large volumes of data and information. Litigation support can also include the gathering of information in the form of emails, text messages and financial records.

A private investigative agency, such as A H Jones Investigators, can help solicitors identify key pieces of evidence, and to organise and manage the vast data that comes with it, enabling them to understand the wealth of information.

Some of the most common litigation support services carried out by a professional investigative agency include:

Document management

Management of large volumes of documents and other data related to a case. This includes the organisation and indexing of documents through to the reviewing and coding of documents.


E-discovery incorporates the online search, discovery, and analysis of relevant electronic data.

Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting includes financial research and analysis to identify and investigate financial fraud and other financial crimes.

Expert witness testimony

From computer forensics to medical and scientific experts, witness testimonies can be an important element to any litigation case. Litigation support can include finding and preparing expert witnesses for court.

Trial preparation

The development of trial strategics (including the preparation of witnesses, creating exhibits, and more) can fall within the remit of trial preparation, all of which a private investigative agency can deliver.

Litigation support services are a critical element of the UK legal system. By providing solicitors with the tools and resources they need to build a strong case and achieve a successful outcome in court, litigation support plays a critical role in ensuring that justice is served, and that the legal system operates effectively and efficiently.

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