background checks

What are background checks?

Background checks are typically carried out prior to a new business appointment, whether it be the appointment of a new employee, the appointment/merger of a new business, financial checks into a prospective supplier or the screening of new tenants. The gathering of key information can be vital in ensuring sound business decisions can be made.

Types of background checks

The type of background checks we undertake on behalf of our clients vary, case to case. Here is an example of the types of checks we regularly do.

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Pre-Employment Checks

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) notes that pre-employment checks are an important part of the recruitment process. Indeed, a review by YouGov suggests that nearly one in five organisations do not employ a candidate because of information uncovered through background checks.

We carry out in-depth pre-employment investigations on behalf of employers. The information gathered can provide reassurance that a candidate is sound, or uncover undisclosed information which leads the business to not make a formal offer of employment.

Commercial Background Checks

The potential acquisition of, or a merger with, another business can be a big risk and so it is important to ensure commercial background checks are carried out. These checks can include the investigation into financial records, employees, directors and associated clients and suppliers.

The background checks we carry out into businesses are detailed and factually-based. The reports we provide to our clients enable them to make informed business decisions.

Financial Checks

It is important to ensure that a prospective supplier, for example, is both trustworthy and financially secure. We can carry out investigations into suppliers to ensure they are not blacklisted or in the process of declaring bankruptcy.

Tenant Screening

Ensuring future tenants are financially sound, as well as socially responsible, can provide peace of mind to landlords. Our network of investigators carry out discrete inquiries and provide our clients with factual information enabling them to grant or deny tenancy.

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