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What is litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking a dispute to a court of law to seek a resolution. Clients using our Litigation Support Service benefit from a wide range of investigative services carried out by our network of legal support experts.

How we work

Working on behalf of solicitors, we can help them build a robust case for their client(s) by acquiring the evidence required through background checks, asset searches and identifying witnesses, for example.

Our Litigation Support Service includes:

  • Process serving

  • Tracing people and assets

  • Obtaining witness statements

  • Information gathering, and more.

The findings of our investigations are collated into a detailed report, appropriate for all courts and tribunals.

With decades of experience, our network of private investigators is experienced and skilled in delivering high-quality support services.

Can we help you?

Please contact us on 01392 278612 to discuss your requirements.

We will give you a no-obligation quote. As soon as we receive instruction, our network of investigators will begin their work.

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