tracing missing people and assets

What is tracing missing people and assets?

There can be a number of reasons to trace missing people and assets, and our network of experienced private investigators is highly successful in tracing missing friends, family, beneficiaries, debtors and assets.

Searching for missing people and assets

Our experienced network of private detectives can help with tracing a range of missing assets as well as people.

Beneficiary tracing and probate

We can help with tracing beneficiaries to ensure a person’s last will and testament is carried out according to their wishes. Utilising both online and offline resources, our network of investigators is highly successful in tracing beneficiaries to ensure the property, money and possessions (‘estate’) are dealt with legally.

Debtor tracing

Our network of debtor tracers can help solicitors, companies and individuals recover missing payments or goods from debtors and ex-tenants. We have been successfully tracing debtors for many years both in the UK and around the world.

Tracing missing people

Trying to trace missing people, whether friends or family, can be stressful. We are experienced in tracing missing people and can help reunite loved ones, even after decades. Read our case study about reuniting two friends after losing touch for over 50 years.

Asset tracing

Asset tracing is the legal process of locating something (an asset) of value to an individual or company. Asset tracing can be important in the recovery of debts. We can help trace and recover missing assets.

Witness tracing

It can be crucial to court proceedings to trace key witnesses for the prosecution or defence. Our network of private investigators can play a key role in tracing missing witnesses quickly thereby eliminating unnecessary delays to the case.

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