What are traveller evictions?

Traveller evictions is the removal of unwanted trespassers, travellers or squatters from land. Evictions must be conducted legally, within the parameters of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

Working for Local Authorities

We work on behalf of Local Authorities to legally and safely remove travellers from land across the South West and around the UK. Our network of enforcement officers is quick to respond and we find that the majority of trespassers leave peacefully and quickly, without the use of a court order.

On the occasions when travellers are not compliant, we work with the Police to achieve a positive outcome.

We appreciate the need for eviction can be difficult for all those involved and so we are quick to respond to ensure a swift resolution. On average, we evict travellers, trespassers and squatters within a matter of hours.

Can we help you?

Please contact us on 01392 278612 to discuss your traveller eviction needs and to request a quote.

If you decide to proceed, we will instruct a local eviction specialist to begin the process of legally removing trespassers.

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